The DH Cubed Training System.

Featuring our revolutionary electronic sharpening guide the OneTen, and our comprehensive sharpening course ware.

The mission of DH Cubed

At DHCubed, we create innovative training curriculum and devices for dental hygiene professionals. We strive to increase skill and efficiency while lowering pain and injury common to the profession. Together we elevate your proficiency and expertise to increase success as a dental hygienist.

About our courseware and The OneTen

Video courseware combined with practical execution and our unique product usage to explain and demonstrate proper techniques. In Sharpening Universal Curettes, Hygienists realize less pain and injury comes from properly sharpening their instruments.

Some training courseware will combine practical execution and product usage in explaining and demonstrating proper techniques.

Hygienists all realize less pain and injury comes from properly using their instruments and incorporating correct ergonomics.  Our training courseware teaches this and our products are tools to assist in training them correctly.

The training is not meant to sell or promote the product but instead is used together to meet the result of the participants learning proper technique in avoiding work related pain and injury as well as ultimately providing the best care to their patients.

The online courseware provided by DH Cubed does not include any advertising or promotional material. The training courseware and tools are always marketed together making sure the customers know training is what we are selling.

Participants of the courses must either be a licensed dental professional or a registered dental or dental hygiene student.  Participants log their Professional license or student number during registration.