Introducing The OneTen

The revolutionary instant feedback electronic sharpening guide

The OneTen is a small electronic device that attaches to your sharpening stone.   When on, the OneTen electronic sharpening guide will tell you when your stone angle is 110 degrees, this is the reason we named it the OneTen.  This is the optimum angle for sharpening but how do you know you’re at 110 degrees? The OneTen will tell you, with real time instant feedback while you sharpen!

This device is the cornerstone of our OneTen Sharpening System which was created as a culmination of 30 years of dental hygiene clinical and training experience. The OneTen  is easy to master and designed for everyday use.   

With the OneTen:

  • Achieve a new consistent level of sharpness on your curettes and scaling instruments.
  • Quickly maintain a sharp edge chairside, in seconds.
  • See in real time where 110 degrees is, no guessing involved!  
  • Reduce the strain on fingers, hands, and wrists
  • Eliminate the root causes of pain, instead of treating it.

The OneTen attaches to your stone with either an adhesive pad or a rubber band.  Both of these methods are included when you purchase the OneTen Sharpening System. The OneTen needs to be recharged once per week and comes with a USB charging cable.

We train you to use the OneTen

Continued education and training helps hygienists maintain the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver the best care for their patients.  DH Cubed is foremost a creator of dental hygiene training curriculum. The OneTen was initially created as a training tool, but has proven its worth as a chairside aide for sharpening.

Along with the OneTen you get access to our online training modules where you will learn…

  • The science behind sharpening
  • The ramifications of not sharpening correctly
  • How to prevent personal injury
  • How to integrate the OneTen into your daily practice

This training can be utilized in a school setting for dental and dental hygiene students, or, for practicing dental hygienists, in the office or comfort of their homes. CE Credits are provided for Licensed Hygienists upon successful completion of the training module.

Once trained in proper usage the OneTen, attached to your favorite stone, should be used chairside while treating patients.  Sharpening your tool once or twice during a cleaning session is not uncommon when using the OneTen.  Having the sharpest tools at all times is what makes the OneTen difference!

To download the OneTen Sharpening System Datasheet, click on the picture below