OneTen – User Manual

  1. Important Safeguards

  2. Product Description

  3. Getting Started

  4. Troubleshooting Guide

  5. Limited Warranty

  6. Product Registration


Important Safeguards

To prevent cross contamination of bacteria and body fluids while performing dental procedures, do not touch the OneTen with contaminated gloves.  Only use clean gloves when adhering the OneTen to the sterilized stone.  Do not hold the OneTen during the sharpening procedure.  Hold the sterilized stone as shown in the Quick Start Guide and on the training video found at [insert link]

Using an approved dental disinfectant, wipe down and disinfect the OneTen device after each use.


DO NOT SUBMERGE the OneTen in a liquid of any kind.




Product Description

[Diagram/Graphic Picture of ]

OneTen with Pointers to:





USB port

110 Degree indicator lights

Micro Charging cord


Rubber Band(s)





Getting Started

Adhering the OneTen to the Stone:

Using sterile gloves; Take a small piece of the adhesive.  Roll it into a ball (as shown).


Press it and spread it out onto the back of the OneTen Device, (as shown).


Press the device to the stone. (Show)


Turning the OneTen On:

Gently “Tap” the OneTen device on the counter top two times.  The Indicator lights will light up and blink one time.

The device will turn off after being idle for a  minute.

Turn it back on by gently tapping it on a countertop.


Using the OneTen:

FOR the BEST RESULTS GO TO:  [insert link] to watch the “Sharpening Universal Curettes” training module prior to the first use of the One Ten device.

  1. Choose a Universal Instrument to sharpen
  2. Hold the stone in your dominant hand
  3. Hold the instrument in your non-dominant hand with the toe of the instrument pointed towards your body
  4. During the sharpening process keep the face of the instrument parallel to the floor
  5. Start at the shank end of the instrument
  6. Adapt 2-3mm of the stone to 2-3mm of the instrument
  7. Tilt the OneTen device until the indicator lights light up (indicating the 110-degree angle)
  8. Sharpen the first 2-3 mm section
  • Your goal is to keep the indicator lights on during the sharpening process.  The OneTen will maintain the 110-degree angle necessary to sharpen correctly
  • Once dust has appeared on the face of the instrument move to the next 2-3 mm to sharpen
  • Continue this incremental approach until you have sharpened all the way to the toe.
  • To sharpen the other cutting edge, continue to use your dominant hand.
  • Turn the stone towards the cutting service you want to sharpen and begin sharpening in 2-3mm increments again.
  • Wait for the dust to appear before moving to the next 2-3mm increments.





Troubleshooting Guide

Go to DH Cubed’s Twitter account to field troubleshooting questions and answers at




Limited Warranty

DH Cubed, LLC warrants to the original consumer of this product that it is free from defects in materials and workmanship for 2 years from the date of purchase.  The consumer will be required to submit the original purchase receipt as proof of purchase date and if requested, the entire product, to support a warranty claim.  DH Cubed, LLC will replace at its discretion any part of the product, which in its opinion is defective, provided the product has not been abused, misused, altered, or damaged after purchase, and was used according to instructions.

The internal battery has a limited warranty of 6 months to the original consumer.  Again, proof of purchase date will be required.

Charging the unit correctly is the responsibility of the consumer and is not covered by the warranty.





Product Registration

Click here to register your OneTen