Module 1: Sharpening Universal Curettes

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Module 01 –  course title:

Sharpening Universal Curettes

Course Description:
Video courseware combined with practical execution and product usage to explain and demonstrate proper techniques. In Sharpening Universal Curettes, Hygienists realize less pain and injury comes from properly using their instruments.
Educational Objectives:
1. Articulate and draw the shape of a Universal Curette in cross-section
2. Demonstrate how to sharpen an instrument to maintain its original design by using DH Cubed’s approach
3. Identify an improperly sharpened instrument
4. Demonstrate and be competent at correcting an improperly sharpened instrument
5. Articulate why it is important to use a sharp instrument
6. Articulate the cause and effect of using dull and improperly instruments
7. Directly apply the principles learned in this module to real life work experiences
Required Equipment:
1. Universal curette
2. Sharpening stone
3. Sharpening test stick
4. Loupes
5. Good lighting, gloves, mask, lab coat, 2×2 gauze
6. A DH Cubed OneTen device

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